Yoga for Living with Chronic Lung Disease / PHT

A Special needs program for patients diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension or related chronic lung disease, who experience shortness of breath, fatigue, low activity levels, anxiety and secondary conditions associated with having CLD.

Classes will include:

  • Selection and sequencing of restorative yoga postures to support organ function and restore energy balance
  • Progressive practice to strengthen muscles, increase joint mobility, promote freedom of breath and help to reduce pain.
  • Extensive use of props to adapt postures to individual needs.

This program was initiated by research associates of the U of A Hospitals’ Heart, Lung, and Liver Transplant Clinic, to investigate the Quality of Life (QOL) benefits of Iyengar Yoga for those in active treatment for moderate pulmonary disease.

This program was designed in consultation with BKS Iyengar and is now being expanded to centres in Toronto and Calgary as well as Edmonton.  In Edmonton, the enrollment and scheduling is coordinated by the pulmonary clinic’s project coordinators.  Classes will start in October.

For more information contact the Family Yoga Centre.

      “The yoga was amazing…my energy has greatly increased” Lynn-Marie

My breathing is more relaxed during yoga than during the rest of the day….it relieved my jaw pain…my posture has improved” Lynn

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