Yoga for Living with Breast Cancer

This will be offered as an individualized practice option as part of a Special Needs class

A special needs program for women with breast cancer who are undergoing repercussions from diagnosis and treatment, in particular fatigue, anxiety, pain, shoulder immobility, or lymph-edema.

Classes will include:

  • Sequencing and adaptation of poses to alleviate fatigue and restore energy balance
  • Breathing and meditation techniques to self-manage anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Use of props to adjust poses individually while safely strengthening and stretching muscles
  • Shoulder-specific poses to safely increase joint mobility, alleviate effects of scarring and aid lymphatic drainage.

To review the recently published paper: Pilot Evaluation of an Iyengar Yoga Program for Breast Cancer Survivors click here

Yoga was such a healthy choice for me and I am sure it would be for
many others. …I think it is because I got so much out of being with
other survivors, it empowered me and gave me comfort.
~Glynis Thomas

For more information about upcoming classes contact Judi Mirus at 780-433-0405 or

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