Registering for a Class

All Registrations for classes must be made in advance online.  If you have questions about a class or need help registering online please email info@familyoga.ca .   Once you have chosen a class, payment and registration will be completed online prior to attending a class. Please do not come in to the studio if you have not received a confirmation that you have been registered for a class. NO DROP INS will be allowed.

Attending In Studio Classes

Please arrive no earlier than 5- 10 minutes before class starts.

The studio door will be locked once the class has started and unfortunately we cannot allow in late comers. No monetary compensation is provided if you are late.

Upon entering please leave your coat and shoes at the front entrance. Use the hand sanitizer provided. Please adhere to physical distance in the front entrance space which may mean you will need to wait outside until there is room.

Please practice social distancing when entering and exiting the studio space. We will provide markers on the floor throughout the studio to help you maintain this distance.

Please wear your mask inside the studio until you get to your mat space. Please put your mask back on once the class is over and leave the studio directly.

There will be no access to change rooms so please dress ready for class.

Only bring in what you absolutely need for class

We have fewer classes running in September in order to accommodate time to disinfect the studio after each class.

There will no longer be water or tea so if you need, please bring in your own water bottle. Water bottles can be stored in the shelves provided.

Washroom is available but shared with others in the class. The washroom will be disinfected after each class. Please ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly and use the paper towels provided to turn off the lights and open the door. A bin for towels will be available right outside the bathroom door.

Inside the Studio

We have marked out the spaces for your mats 2 metres apart. A maximum of 9 students will be allowed into each class.

When you enter the yoga room please look for the stickers on the floor which will show you where to place your mat. By placing your mat so that the sticker is in the middle of your mat, we can maintain the right distance between students.

Place your props beside your mat and then remove your mask.

We will be providing hard blocks and chairs only as they can be sanitized after each class. All other props including your mat must be brought with you

DO NOT LEAVE any personal items in the studio. All left items will be removed at the end of each day. We no longer will be providing a Lost and Found

Please do not attend class if you are at all unwell

Please contact the studio if you develop Covid-19 so that we can follow up with the other participants in the class you attended. This follow up will be to notify students that they should get tested not to publish who was taken ill.

Props and Equipment

Always bring your own yoga mat, strap and blankets for shoulder stand or seated poses to each class. With the extra room that we have between the mats there will be plenty of space to place your props next to your mat.

We will be providing hard wood blocks and chairs for your use. They will be disinfected after each use.

Help us avoid overcrowding by arriving no earlier that 5-10 minutes before your scheduled class.



Multi- Pass – $180- for 900 min ( or 10 – 1.5hr classes )

These passes cannot be used towards workshops, or special programs.

All passes are non-transferable

We are sorry we cannot accept Drop Ins  until further notice. Registration and Payments must be made in advance

Rates for One Class
Register in Advance
Kids Yoga $14/class
For 1.5hr class $21/class
For 2 hr class $26/class

Making up Classes: Due to the class size restrictions and need to pre register we can no longer allow Make ups.

Virtual Classes

Many of the classes will also be provided online through Zoom. If a class is full or for some other reason you cannot make it in to a class please check out our online offerings.

Cancellation Policy

  • No Refunds
  • Payments must be made online only

If a class is cancelled due to weather, teacher emergency or other circumstances out of our control, either the class will be rescheduled or registered students can make up the missed session in another class of equal length.   At our discretion, the value of the class may be credited towards future registration or drop-ins. We reserve the right to cancel a session of classes in the event of low registration. If you are pre-registered for the session, you will be offered the option of switching your registration to a class of the same length, or a refund of any remaining classes. Please ensure that your contact information is up to date.

Physical Well-being

Please inform the teacher before the beginning of class if you have any injuries or physical issues.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who is sick with cold like symptoms such as cough , fever, runny nose, sore throat or shortness of breath MUST NOT attend class.