In our modern society everything seems geared to material development, even our systems of education. As a result we no longer pay sufficient attention to our inner values, which leads to mental unrest. In order to address this imbalance we need to pay more attention to our minds.
– The Dalai Lama



“Hi Frema.
I’ve been meaning to do this for months and today I am finally getting it done! I just want to let you know how much I appreciate and value Anita as a yoga instructor! One of my goals upon retirement was to get back into yoga. I’ve been challenged though with both knee and shoulder issues. It is Anita’s ability to clearly explain, demonstrate and adapt poses that is allowing me to enjoy yoga! My practice of yoga has improved, my knee and shoulder issues are getting better and I’m having fun! I’m happy to say that yoga has become a regular part of my retirement.
Thanks to both you Frema and to Anita!”
Marg Barr

“Many years ago, I was diagnosed with scoliosis & suffered from constant back pain. Massage therapy helped, but eventually the pain would always return. It was suggested to me that Iyengar yoga was beneficial to those suffering from scoliosis and I thought I’d try out a beginner class. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting results other than a little more flexibility & muscle strength, but by the fourth week in, I was hooked!  Never had I felt lighter, and more agile and my back pain disappeared!
Iyengar is a discipline not just beneficial to those with back pain, but is a life long tool that can help to maintain all the body’s working parts and I highly recommend Iyengar to not only those with body pain, but as well those who simply are looking to maintain health and well being.
Namaste and good health to all”
~ Raegen Turko

Chloe has been a student at your studio for 5 years in the Kids Yoga program and has really enjoyed the Yoga instructors and classes. Thanks so much Cathy!  Chloe really enjoyed your instruction and thanks to the Yoga studio for providing kids an opportunity to take a moment to breathe, stretch and relax. ”
– Chloe’s mother Michelle 

“I was very active in sports throughout my life, especially running, golf and squash, but I started to get more injuries (back, knees and hips) as I became middle aged – typical guy things.  As I hit my early 50’s I noticed less movement and more problems.  One day I dropped a pen during a meeting…and had to hobble down to the ground to pick it up.  A co-worker suggested I try Iyengar Yoga…it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  That was over eight years ago. Since then,  I have not only regained most of my motion, but have more energy and a better attitude then thirty years ago.  The different levels of classes and workshops have allowed me to transition from learning the foundations as a beginner – to developing new challenges as an intermediate student.”
– Peter

“I was looking for something to help my posture, as I’ve always had back and neck issues, been round shouldered, and worried about becoming an elderly stooped “little old lady”.  Well…. What an adventure it has become! After practicing two years in Manitoba, and four years with experienced knowledgeable instructors at Family Yoga Centre, I am delighted that my posture, balance, strength, flexibility, grace, and peacefulness of mind have ALL increased tenfold. Studying six years still makes me a relative beginner in this discipline, and I am looking forward to a lifetime of learning and health still to come! “

– Lynn

“2015 marks the 30th anniversary of my first symptom of relapsing-remitting MS and ten years as a student at the Family Yoga Centre.  It is no coincidence that my health is excellent and the progression of my medical situation has remained stable for the past seven years. I feel that a major contributing factor to my health is practicing yoga at the Family Yoga Centre .   I cannot express enough gratitude for the care and attention that Frema and the other teachers at Family Yoga Centre take to truly understand all of our idiosyncrasies and “special needs”. For me, I have numbness in my lower limbs which can make it tricky doing standing poses; Frema recognizes the value of helping me to modify my practice to ensure maximum impact. Thank you so much Frema and everyone at the Family Yoga Centre for your passion and dedication; my goal one day is to do an arm balance and I have not given up hope!”

– Katie